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Why are the silent liver killers a concern? | Dr. Tan Poh Seng

Many liver conditions are known as silent liver killers. This is because most liver conditions do not produce any symptoms in their early stage. Some examples of these liver conditions are hepatitis B infection and fatty liver disease. Take hepatitis B infection as an example. It is caused by the hepatitis B virus. This hepatitis B infection affects 180,000 Singapore residents. Unfortunately, most Singapore residents with hepatitis B infection are not aware that they have this infection because it does not produce any symptoms in its early phase.

Some patients with hepatitis B infection discover that they have this condition when their liver has been severely damaged by the virus. By that time they would have symptoms such as jaundice or water retention. Some patients discover their hepatitis B infection through health screening or have their test done for other reasons.

The Silent Liver Killers Video 2 | Who are at risk?

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