treatment for Liver Diseases

medications and procedures required should be done by experienced specialists. ​

There are many treatment options for most of the liver diseases and treatment is best started as early as possible to prevent liver hardening, liver cancer and liver failure. For example, hepatitis B virus can be very effectively controlled with oral medication which is simple to take with very little side effects.

Even hepatitis C which was hard to treat in the past can now be cured easily with cure rate as high as 99% using 3-6 months of oral medication with minimal side effects. Likewise for other liver diseases, advances in treatment strategies have greatly improved the health of many these liver patients. 

But if liver hardening, liver failure or liver cancer occurs, then treatment becomes more complicated and best done under the supervision of liver specialists familiar in dealing with these patients who can be quite ill to ensure best outcomes. 

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Our clinic is located at Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard) within the famed Orchard Road shopping belt. For over 40 years, Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard) has been the leading medical hub in Asia Pacific providing cutting edge medical services to patients in Singapore as well as those from all around the region. 

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