Liver Transplantation

With a successful liver transplant, chances of survival is more than 5 years

Despite the best medical management, the average survival for advanced-stage liver-hardening patients without a liver transplant is usually less than two years. With a successful liver transplant, however, the chances of surviving more than five years can be higher than 75%, provided that patients receive appropriate regular check-ups and medications to protect the new liver.

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Who should be referred for liver transplant?

In general, patients with liver hardening should consult a liver transplant specialist to determine if a liver transplant is necessary and the optimal timing for it. For patients showing signs of liver failure or who are diagnosed with liver cancer, it is important to seek this opinion early, as time is needed to prepare for a liver transplant and the success rate decreases as the liver failure becomes more severe or the cancer has spread significantly. Some patients with advanced-stage liver cancer may not be eligible for a liver transplant.

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